We always adhere to the concept of "Health, Quality and Culture"
Actively apply new energy saving and emission reduction technologies
Advocate clean production
Strive to improve waste recycling rate
Strive to become an environment-friendly enterprise

The Company stringently abides by the relevant environmental protection and energy conservation laws and regulations, and attaches great importance to its performance in all aspects. Internally, the Company introduced the “Guidelines for Environmental Protection” and established the Environment, Social and Governance Working Committee to monitor, regularly review and provide guidance on the business which involves environmental protection.

The Company has always adhered to the philosophy of “Health, Quality, and Culture” in its development projects. We actively apply new energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies, advocate clean production, strive to improve waste recycling rate and dedicate to become an environment-friendly enterprise.

The Company continuously strengthens environmental protection measures in its project construction and operation process, promotes and implements the concept of “green building”, “green construction”, “green property” and “green office”, and proactively participates in and obtains environmental protection related certifications.

For details, please refer to our ESG Reports under the section headed “Environment, Social and Governance Report”.

Work Health

The Company always takes work safety as its priority, firmly establishes the principle of safety development, pays close attention to the establishment of the safety responsibility system and its implementation, actively conducts in-depth potential risks identification and rectification work and constantly improves its mechanism and methods of work safety. Owing to these, the overall work safety situation maintains stable and controllable, which has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the Company.

With the principle of safety development, we have established an efficient and comprehensive safety management system which composes of four parts, namely work safety management and control system, work safety meeting system, basic education and training system on work safety, and emergency response mechanism. Work Safety Management Committee is the core of work safety management and control system, while work safety meeting system mainly focuses on summarizing experiences, analyzing situations and deploying safety works. Basic education and training system on work safety aims to enhance the employees’ safety awareness and achieving work safety. We also have emergency response mechanism to improve our employees’ ability in dealing with emergency matters. And, the Company’s input on work safety has been recognized by professional institutions.

For details, please refer to our ESG Reports under the section headed “Environment, Social and Governance Report”.

Employees are the most precious resources and wealth for corporate sustainable development. We attach great importance to safeguarding the basic rights and interests of our employees and always adhere to the principle of fairness and impartialness. No employee will be treated differently due to gender, age, sickness or ethnicity, etc. and child labor or forced labor is strictly forbidden. At the same time, taking employees’ development as the first priority, the Company continues to optimize its remuneration system, designs diversified career development channels, and establishes appropriate talent training system, making the best to offer a career development platform for each employee. In relation to welfare benefits, the Company provides its employees with safe working environment and good working condition, comprehensive protection and care for their personal life, aiming to enhance their sense of recognition and belonging, and thus propel mutual growth and development of employees and enterprises.

For details, please refer to our ESG Reports under the section headed “Environment, Social and Governance Report”.


The Company actively engages in community development work. We have tailored diversified community activities, including poverty-relief, community-based convenient services, disaster relief donations, voluntary labor and blood donation, charity sale and propaganda of environmental protection. Through organizing community activities, we have contributed to building a harmonious society and earned recognition from owners and customers. We also encourage our employees to participate in volunteer services and have established a voluntary service team. We draw on our property management edges to expand the areas of volunteer works and organize volunteers to deliver care and services to the community.

For details, please refer to our ESG Reports under the section headed “Environment, Social and Governance Report”.