Innovative Constructor of Industrial Cities
Wealthy Livelihood Operator

Shum Yip Holdings Company Limited
  • Shum Yip Pengji Holdings Co., Ltd
  • Shum Yip Southern Land Holdings Co., Ltd
  • Shum Yip Terra (Holdings) Co., Ltd
  • Shum Yip Land Co., Ltd
  • Shum Yip East China Real EstateDevelopment Co.,Ltd
  • Shum Yip Taifu Logistics Group Holdings Co.,Ltd
  • Shenzhen Nongke Holdings Co., Ltd
  • Shum Yip Property Holdings Co., Ltd
  • Shum Yip Commercial Management Co., Ltd
  • Road King Infrastructure Limited Stock Code: (1098.HK)
  • Coastal Greenland Limited

Includes equity interests of controlled entities, and the percentage is calculated based on the issued shares of 8,898,793,115 as at 31 December 2023.

Includes 52.848% equity interest of Shum Yip Jinzhi Logistics Development Co., Ltd.