Innovative Constructor of Industrial Cities
Wealthy Livelihood Operator

Focus on the Greater Bay Area, deep cultivation of Shenzhen, focus on first- and second-tier key cities

Shenzhen lnvestment (00604.HK)
Limited has been listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 1997 .
Shum Yip Group, being its controling shareholder, is an integrated conglomerate directly managed by State-owned AssetsSupervision and Administration Commission of Shenzhen Municipal.

Positioned as an "nnovative Constructor of lndustriaCities, Wealthy Livelihood perator", the Company's core businesses include property development, property investmentand comprehensive urban operation services, and it also engages in innovative businesses such as hiah-tech aaricultureand high-end manufacturing, endeavoring to transform and upgrade into a technology-based industry group focusing on thedevelopment of urban complex and investment in technology industry.