Company Overview: Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1997, Shenzhen Investment Limited ("Shenzhen Investment", SEHK stock code: 604.HK) is the largest listed property developer under the Shenzhen SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission). Shenzhen Investment primarily engages in the development of residential property, commercial property (including industrial property), and property complexes, as well as property investment and management. By intensifying its development in Shenzhen, focusing on the Greater Bay Area and planning for its development in other core cities in China, the Company is committed to be a first-class real estate developer and real estate operator.

Development Strategy:

Shenzhen Investment’s core strategy is threefold:

  • 1. Focus on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area
  • 2. Intensify its operations in Shenzhen
  • 3. Specialize in selective first-and-second-tier cities

The Group works to increase its high value land reserves, and continuously improve asset quality and return levels. In addition to its property development and sales businesses, Shenzhen Investment also optimizes its investment property portfolios, which include a range of properties, from commercial offices to long-term rentals and seek to expand its long-term rental property developments. The Group’s core competence is reflected through its dedicated operation platforms for wisdom parks, commercial management, and residential properties. These three operation platforms are set to create new businesses and revenue drivers by increasing income from services and facilitating asset securitization through capital market operations.

Quality Resources: Shenzhen Investment’s land reserves cover an aggregated planned gross floor area (GFA) of 6.28 million square meters (sq.m.) across various cities in China. Approximately 3.85 million sq.m. of its GFA are quality land reserves located in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area; approximately 2.47 million sq.m. of its GFA are high quality land reserves in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Investment’s investment property portfolio spans a total GFA of 1.14 million sq.m. nationwide, of which a GFA of 97,000 sq.m. is located in Shenzhen. The Group will further optimize the structure of its land reserves, shifting its focus to both 1st tier- and 2nd tier- cities.

Property Development and Operation Services: Shenzhen Investment has longstanding experience in property development, which enables itself to develop various high-quality properties including residential properties, office towers and complexes. Three main operation platforms respectively for wisdom parks, commercial management and residential property has come into operation by phases, and the mixed-ownership reform have commenced. Wisdom park operation platform principally take Tianan Cyber Park as representative which focuses on operating vast technology parks and logistic parks, moreover, it horizontally consolidates client resources and social resources to provide a series of integrated value-added services to cater broad spectrum of customers’ needs. It also vertically extends the scope of services to cover the entire industrial chain, with the aim of establishing a growing intelligent industrial park operating system. As for commercial management operation platform, Shenzhen Investment has gathered top talents in this aspect and formed a management team specializing in commercial property developments, so as to develop premier commercial complexes, and allows Shenzhen Investment to review and rate experiences, and to ultimately build and reproduce best practice business management models. Its landmark project, Upper Hill, encompasses apartments, offices, shopping arcades and hotels with global vision and management philosophy. Based on the concept of sharing economy, Shenzhen Investment’s residential property service platform is customer-oriented and is committed to broadening its range of services through innovative value-added services. Through its established management model, the residential property operation platform aims to become the most trusted property management group.

Healthy Financial Positions: Shenzhen Investment adheres to its consistent principle of maintaining healthy financial positions, enhancing capital management, striving to lower financing costs, improving capital turnover efficiency with a view towards adequate solid financial resources for business development.

Shenzhen Investment will continue to deepen the strategic transformation, improve cost control and operation standards, accelerate the assets turnover, and strengthen the assets and liabilities and cash flow management so as to maximize the value for its shareholders.